Blue Lacuna is an inclusive startup incubator powered by Ignite Technology & Innovation, the nonprofit whose mission is to create equitable wealth and a shared prosperity in under-resourced  communities. The Blue Lacuna is an affordable, accessible coworking space enriched with classes and programs. The programs inspire, encourage, nurture and grow the untapped ideas of underrepresented entrepreneurs by providing local access to technology, resources, mentorship and strategic connections to potential partners and investors.

  • Coworking means “collaborative working” and it is the future of value-creation in our community. 

  • Members enjoy the flexibility and savings of shared coworking space on a monthly, weekly or even hourly basis, with professional-quality business equipment, plus ideas, resources and experiences of like-minded innovators.

  • Amenities for members include:

    • Spacious open seating 

    • 2 Privacy booths

    • High-speed Wi-Fi Internet

    • Business-class printer, copier & fax

    • 3D printer

    • Lounge area w/ kitchen & refrigerator 

    • Free parking

    • Dedicated desks

    • 15 dedicated offices

    • 3 Event spaces

    • Conference room

    • On-site staff

    • Free coffee & water

    • Standing desks

    • Computers

    • Projector & microphone

    • TEDx host space

    • Podcast Studio 

    • Access to low-cost health insurance

    • Discount on event space rental

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Blue Lacuna

2150 Canalport Suite 2A-11
Chicago IL 60608

Tel. 312-778-6374

[email protected]

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