What’s so – Serving safely amid COVID-19 concerns is great importance at Momentum Coffee and Coworking. We are open in compliance with the state and local restrictions. For us that means we are opened in limited capacity and taking mobile and carryout orders through the JOE Coffee Mobile app. Our baristas and staff wear masks for the safety both themselves and our customers. Our pastries are individually pre-packaged and ready to go. we are selling three varieties of Dark Matter’s delicious cold cans. Chocolate City, Vanilla Suburbs and Black Splash - these are not just cool names this is some good iced coffee for sure.

#PowerUp Shout Outs – The Joe Coffee app gets a big shout out for providing and invaluable solution in a time when health and safety or the highest concern. JOE allowed us to set up and accept mobile orders online. Through JOE our customers and potential customers are able to Order and pay ahead. It provides for a low touch and minimal interaction while we are all still under stay-at-home order in Illinois. And most important the app helps our community support a local coffee and the small business owners.

Final Thoughts – Saw this quote “When safety is first – you last” and we thought it was so appropriate for the time. The masks, the extra handwashing, social distancing , mobile apps are all part of the plan for Momentum – COVID-19 and beyond. We plan to last!

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