It’s Tea Time! – Kaia, Assistant Manager, loves her Tea and her Turkey Twist! When asked what she would recommend people try, Kaia was quick to recommend the Wild Berry Hibiscus Iced Tea. This drink is certainly great for spring and summer, but she chooses to enjoy this beverage year round. Kaia also recommends her new favorite sandwich which is the Turkey Twister Sub. It is a newer sandwich provided by our partner @PamojaExperience. The Turkey Twist has turkey, swiss cheese and tomatoes on a sub that is toasted to perfection. She describes it as "...not fancy, just good, especially with the sauce!"

The sandwiches come with the choice of spicy or plain chips AND your choice of roasted red pepper or a spicy sauce. SHHH you would never know the sauce is vegan- it is that good! Let us know what you think if you try either of these. Until we see you #keepthemomentum!

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