What is the Pepsi Dig In campaign and what does it involve?

PepsiCo has announced a new initiative called Pepsi Dig In, which is designed to support black-owned restaurants and the people who run them. The campaign will provide advice on how to access capital, how to set up a successful delivery operation, how to use marketing tools to make their presence known, and more.

This is a great opportunity for black-owned businesses to get the support and advice they need to grow and succeed. PepsiCo's commitment to drive over $100 million in sales to Black-owned restaurants over five years will go a long way in helping these businesses thrive.

Momentum Coffee is proud to be a part of the Pepsi Dig In campaign. We believe that black-owned businesses deserve access and opportunity, and we are committed to supporting them however we can. Thank you, PepsiCo, for leading the way on this important initiative.

How will Momentum Coffee be involved in the campaign?

Momentum Coffee is now a Pepsi Partner! You will see a variety of Pepsi Products in our stores. From Pure Leaf Ice Tea to Bubbly Drinks, we are proud to carry the Pepsi brand in our shops.  As a partner we will be joining Pepsi in the Pepsi Dig In Campaign. Customer will be provide the QR code so they can easily locate how to upload their Momentum Coffee Receipt and be part of the campaign.

How can Momentum Coffee Customers participate in the Dig In Campaign?

Customers can participate in the Dig In Campaign by shopping small and supporting local businesses. They can also upload their receipts to show their support. Follow this link to see how it work. https://passport.pepsidigin.com/HowItWorks

How it Works


Make your meal count by uploading your receipt* and you’ll support Pepsi's goal to drive at least $100 million in sales for Black-owned restaurants over the next five years. Pepsi has partnered with MyBlackReceipt to help us track their progress.

Every little bit helps! Thank you for your support.

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