What do you recommend? - We get this question all the time. So we took some time to share some our favorites with you. But note these recommendations also come our customer community. It is what they come back for time and time again. The first recommendation is the matcha lemonade - everyone likes it even the matcha "doubters" and the "i'm not sure-rs". Remember matcha has about the same caffeine as a cup of coffee with an even distribution. Next up, the ever popular signature sandwich - the chicken sausage, egg and cheese croissant. It's really all in the name the rest is up to you to give it try! Last but not least is the almond croissant. We'll be honest, this is a large tasty croissant that is big enough to share (or not 😉) If you have tried one or all three - let us know your thoughts. And until we see you #keepthemomentum!

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