What is Women's Month?

Women's Month is celebrated annually in the month of March. It is a time to reflect on the progress made by women and to set new goals for gender equality. This year, the theme for Women's Month is #BalanceforBetter.

During Women's Month, we celebrate the successes of women around the world and recommit to achieving gender equality. We also reflect on the progress made by women and set new goals for gender equality.

The hashtag #BalanceforBetter is about taking action to create a more gender-balanced world. It is about celebrating women's achievements and calling for more inclusive and equitable societies.

This year, let us work together to achieve a #BalanceforBetter world. Let us recognize the importance of women's voices and ensure that they are included in decision-making processes at all levels. Let us promote gender equality in our homes, workplaces and communities. And let us stand up against discrimination and violence against women and girls.

Happy Women's Month! Let us work together to create a more gender-balanced world!

Women in the Coffee Industry

We'd like to take this opportunity to celebrate the many women who have made significant contributions to the coffee industry. From farmers to baristas to roasters, these women are making their mark on one of the world's most beloved beverages.

One woman who has had a particularly profound impact on coffee is Jeannette Tocantins. A fourth-generation coffee farmer from Brazil, Tocantins has dedicated her life to sustainable coffee production. She was one of the first farmers in her region to implement organic and fair trade practices, and she continues to lead the way in sustainable coffee farming.

Tocantins is just one of many inspiring women in coffee. In honor of Women's Month, we'd like to highlight some of these remarkable women and their accomplishments. Here are just a few:

A press release announced that Kahawa 1893 became the first Black woman-owned coffee brand for sale at Trader Joe’s. Margaret Nyamumbo, Kahawa 1893’s CEO and founder, made her brand’s big debut in California.

- Trish Rothgeb, roaster at Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland, California coined the term “third-wave coffee” in 2002, and didn’t know it would be used to define an entire era in the coffee industry 

- Diane Aylsworth, coffee roaster and owner of Keba Konte's Red Bay Coffee in Oakland, California

Jen Apodaca, who was on the events committee of the U.S. Roasters Guild (now part of the Coffee Roasters Guild, having just merged with the Roaster Guild of Europe to form one body) spearheaded the hashtag #shestheroaster movement to emphasize the gender gap in the profession.

Women In Coffee - Chicago

We first want to celebrate our Momentum Coffee's own co-founder and co-owner of Momentum Coffee and Coworking and Momentum Coffee. The flagship location was opening in May 2020 during the pandemic at 2119 State Street. In November 2019 the Momentum Coffee Millennium Park was opened. In 2022 the North Lawndale at Ogden Commons and Englewood location are slated to open. Momentum Coffee is built on Good Coffee, in the Community, built in Collaboration. She credits her ability to #keepthemomentum to a dynamic partnership with her husband and co-founder, Tracy G. Powell. 

Sunflower Cafe - This bright and joyful business started off as a mobile coffee cart in 2018 by owner Andrea O. Robinson. Now, AndySunflower is located in-store at Ain’t She Sweet Café in the Beverly community.

Chef Sara's Cafe -Chef Sara is a down-to-earth professional chef serving the South Shore area. Her cozy cafe feels like you’re dining at a friend’s home with brightly painted walls and lots of artwork decorating the walls

Emeche - Janelle r. decided why not merge her love of creating desserts with a business where I can share with people who love sweets as much as I do! I decided to move back to my hometown of Chicago and try my luck out and bring the dream of Eméché alive.

Southside Grinds - Ebony was Brewed in Brooklyn and “seasoned” in Woodlawn, she had the idea to merge her passion for coffee and love of her historic community development and engagement by creating a socially conscious coffee brand. 

We could go on and on, but we'll leave it to you to discover the many talented women who make up the coffee industry. We hope you'll take some time this month to learn more about their stories and celebrate their accomplishments

Women of Momentum Coffee

This month we are shining a light on some of the badass women who make Momentum Coffee what it is. These women are our baristas and café associates —the heart and soul of our company. Each one of them brings their own unique talents to the table, making our team stronger , more dynamic, and more diverse.

We believe that supporting women and diversity is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes for a better cup of coffee. When different perspectives are represented, we can have more thoughtful conversations, make better decisions, and create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

So next time you're in one of our cafés, make sure to say hello to the women of Momentum Coffee. We guarantee they'll brighten your day.

Women in coffee are a force to be reckoned with. They are the backbone of the industry, and their stories need to be heard. We hope that this blog post has helped to shine a light on some of the amazing women working in coffee, and we encourage you to continue learning about them. Coffee wouldn't be the same without them!

Thanks for reading!

What inspiring women in coffee would you like to highlight? Let us know in the comments below!

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